December outing
Our next outing is scheduled for Saturday, December 14 behind Avocado Lake on the lower Kings River.
I did a test fish of the river (hard job, but someone had to do it) and landed 12 fishing a couple of hours, so there are lots of fish in the river right now. The flows have gone down from around 2,500 cfs to 350, making the river much more fishable. The trout were taking very small midge and mayfly nymph patterns, #18 and 20. I fished one such mini fly behind a #16 Copper John, and had no action at all on the bigger fly.
It could be different in December, but that’s how it was in late November.
Since the river flows were high when we had the adult academy, let’s plan to make this a beginner outing in which an experienced angler goes out with a couple of inexperienced anglers to get them started off on the right foot.
Which means, we need to know how many are coming, and how many experienced and how many novices. Therefore; Please email flyflinger78@yahoo.com and say you’re coming, and whether you’re an experienced fly angler or not. Notice I didn’t say expert. You don’t have to be an expert to catch fish on the kings.
Let’s plan to meet at the same place we had the adult academy at 9:00. We’ll have time to fish, then meet back at 12:00 for cheeseburgers and fixings. We need everyone to bring a side dish to go with the burgers.
Of course, we can continue to fish in the afternoon as well. There may well be a hatch and resulting rise in the evening, no promises though.
Remember; It costs $5 per vehicle to enter the park. It doesn’t matter how many are in the car.
Heavy rain cancels. Light sprinkles are OK. If weather cancels, I’ll send out an email the day before.
Note: you need waders and a wading staff to fish this river effectively.
January outing: Still working on it. It is tentatively scheduled for January 25 at Sycamore Island.
Spring outing:  Hume Lake. Last year, we  went June 1, which was too late. Most of the fish were gone by then, so this year the outing is scheduled for May 2.
Further outingsBe sure to respond to the outings survey. Future outings will be based on the results.